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JP Morgan seems to be holding a huge short position on silver contracts, most of which was inherited from Bear Stearns during the absorption of the latter. It sounded like a big deal, but my understanding of currency and metals markets is limited, so I had to educate myself a bit and do some research.
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Get yours while you can because in the not too distant future, the industry will eliminate physical stock certificates making these valuable collectibles. About Pan American Silver Corp. Pan American Silver Corp. is a mining company founded in 1994 in Canada. The company has mines and other projects in the USA, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. JP Morgan (Physical-Commodity Business). This is a profile preview from the PitchBook Platform. Operator of a company providing physical-commodity services. The main divisions of the company are global crude, North American power, North American natural gas, European power and gas, base...
A one-of-a-kind community. Etsy is a global online marketplace, where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items.May 01, 2013 · And yet Reuters reports that physical gold demand in Asia is unprecedentedly strong. ... JPMorgan has seen its holdings fall from 586,769 ounces to 163,802 ounces during April, while HSBC’s ... The third instance of hoarding by a private institution is happening right now, as JP Morgan has purchased 133.1 million ounces of silver between 2011 and 2018. Industry estimates place JP Morgan’s current silver holdings between 45-53% of all physical silver bullion on the COMEX (the largest commodity exchange).
Increased Transparency of London Gold Holdings From LBMA, the Bank of England and the commercial Vaults (Brink’s, HSBC, ICBC Standard Bank, JP Morgan, Loomis and Malca Amit) announced today that they will publish the gold and silver holdings of the vaults in London with a one-month lag. In addition, by comparing the Weekly Transparent Holdings and COT Reports for gold & silver, another narrative rears its head: Are these charts evidence that JP Morgan has been accumulating a massive position of physical silver, and that this is actually the story of JP Morgan burning the other bullion banks?
Mar 09, 2018 · JPMorgan’s Massive Physical Silver Hoard – Single Most Bullish Factor. To be sure, there are many who reject, out of hand, my allegation that JPMorgan has accumulated a massive amount of ...
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